• Gabby Eckert

6 Tips to Help Manage Stress

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

button down blouse, black cardigan, pencil skirt

Friend, I know that with all the uncertainty going on in our world right now, we’re all feeling a little tense. I thought you might like to try a few of the things I do to cope with stressful times.

  1. I make a cup of something warm and cozy like chamomile tea or my favorite coffee.

  2. Get dressed in the morning... ditch the pajamas.

  3. I put on some uplifting music.

  4. Spend quiet time praying, reading and meditating.

  5. Move my body... exercise is great for relieving stress.

  6. Make a list of things I’m grateful for.

These 6 things always seem to help lift my mood! How do you keep yourself balanced and stay positive during unpredictable times?


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