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Do you have trouble putting outfits together?

I recently asked a group of women in my community to share their biggest fashion struggle.

A few of the answers I received were “putting outfits together,” “creating matching outfits,” and“figuring out how to pair things,” etc.

As I dug deeper, we discovered that many of these women did not have the necessary foundation pieces to build their wardrobe. They were missing their wardrobe Basics! That is why they were struggling to put outfits together.

Wardrobe basics have an important job: they are to support and balance out statement pieces and help us to pair different pieces within our wardrobe together to create both casual and dressy outfits with ease!

Often, when we shop for clothes the wardrobe basics are forgotten while we go for the trending pieces, what the fashion world tells us we need, or the pieces that are on sale. The result is: A full closet+ very little wardrobe basics= mismatched wardrobe that is hard to make outfits from.

I don't want this for you!!! That is why if you are struggling with the same issues as these women were, I have a free gift for you!

Enjoy my Essential Wardrobe Basics Checklist! <<HERE>>

After you have downloaded the checklist, take a look in your closet. Did you notice items that you were missing in your wardrobe?


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