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Dreamy Denim

What's your favorite fall dessert? I love hot, homemade Apple Pie. Just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I am in dreamland. Those of you who have baked an apple pie know that there is more to it than throwing apples and flour into the oven. You need to add all the necessary ingredients to create the pie crust and filling in order to make this treat delicious.

Much like pulling all sorts of ingredients together to bake a fresh apple pie on a fall day, the brand new LuLaRoe Denim is made up of the most amazing “ingredients”. First, you have the perfect blend of cotton, polyester, viscose, and Lycra©. Then you have amazing features, like exclusive “Slimming Panels” and a “Magic Waistband”. Without these key items, LuLaRoe couldn’t deliver the level of quality my customers have grown to expect from the products in my boutique!

New Jersey Lularoe consultant wearing Lularoe Denim

Let me tell you a bit more about these special Jeans and my personal experience with them. I have shared with my LuLaRoe Facebook Community (Join here) that I have struggled to find a pair of jeans that do not gap or bunch. I also tend to wear mostly leggings because I find that they fit my body shape better and are more comfortable than jeans. If I’m being honest, I did not think these jeans were going to be as amazing as everyone told me. However, when I tried on my first pair of LuLaRoe Denim I was pleasantly surprised. The jeans fit perfectly! They do not gap because they have a “magic waistband” that holds everything in place, and they have awesome slimming panels in the front to help with the bunching and to give a slimmer look. But above all, these Jeans are stretchy and comfortable!

At the Brave and Beautiful Boutique you can find LuLaRoe Denim in both the Standard wash and Distressed style. We carry sizes 24 to 44 and they are available at a first come first serve basis. As always, you know the products in the Boutique are limited so if you have your heart set on a pair do not wait.


Learn how to dress for your body shape by downloading my FREE GUIDE HERE!


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