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Dressing for your Body Shape!

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Lularoe Fashion Consultant in New Jersey

Picture this,I’m in a clothing store with my arms piled high with beautiful clothes. I scurry into the dressing room as I try to balance all the awesome goodies in my arms. I try on the first item, it’s a dress I saw on a mannequin and immediately fell in love with. I squeeze into the dress and then look into the mirror to examine the ensemble. What I see is less than flattering. In fact, the dress hugs all the wrong areas and I suddenly feel so insecure. I go through this process one piece at a time. By the end of the experience I have dwindled down my huge pile of clothes to only one shirt. I’m pretty sure the shirt I ended up with looks very similar to a shirt I have hanging in my closet. But I proceed to the check out any way feeling disappointed, exhausted, and depressed.

Shopping used to feel more like a chore, rather than something to look forward too. Have you ever felt this way? It literally used to take me hours to go shopping for clothes. I had no problem picking out a million beautiful outfits, what took up most of the time and left me feeling disappointed was trying on outfits that did not flatter my body shape.

Everything changed once I discovered the different body shapes and identified mine. Shopping became so much easier once I learned the clothing styles that would flatter my shape! I learned which styles to avoid and which styles to look for. It has helped me to stay focused and to pick out the best options while shopping. For example, I quickly learned that a “mermaid” shaped dress was not a cut that flattered me and it was not a style I preferred. Now, instead of wasting time looking at all the pretty options in The Mermaid style and bringing them into the dressing room to try on, I know that my time would be better spent looking at the different styles that are available.

I don't want any of my customers who visit the Brave and Beautiful Boutique to feel like shopping is a chore for them. I don't want them to leave feeling disappointed, exhausted, and depressed like I used to feel leaving clothing stores. I want shopping in our boutique to be a joyful and fun experience. I want my customers to feel like they walked away with amazing clothes and accessories that make them feel beautiful and confident. After all, that is one of the major reasons I chose to name my boutique: The Brave and Beautiful Boutique.

At this point you may be wondering how to figure out your body shape. My goal with this blog post is to help you discover your body shape and help you pick out clothing that would be most flattering for you! I have included a helpful guide that breaks down the body shapes and the various styles we have available in our Boutique (DOWNLOAD HERE)

But before I dive into the different body shapes I feel like it is worth noting that YOU are “fearfully and wonderfully made!” ( Psalm 139:14) We are all made to be beautifully unique. Knowing your body type can make shopping for clothes easier, but there is no body shape that is “better” than the other. The terms I use below are terms I have used very loosely in hopes to guide you and inform you about each body shape. They are not to be taken as negative comments or insults to a specific body type. They are meant to inform and help with the shopping experience.

With that said, there are several body types that we will cover. Here is the list:




Inverted Triangle

In each section I will go over the characteristics of each body time, give tips, and recommended styles from our Boutique that will flatter each body type.


You have an “apple” shaped body if you have:

  • Broad shoulders and bigger bust

  • A less defined waist

  • Your bust, waist, and hips tend to be around the same size

Tips: Select clothing that makes your torso appear longer. (Clothing that appear to create long up and down lines.)


Dresses: Nicole, Jessie, and Carly

Bottoms: Cassie skirt, Maxi skirt, and leggings

Tops: Perfect T, Irma, Shirley, Lucille, and Sarah


You have a “pear” shaped body if you have:

  • Hips that are wider than your shoulders

  • A round bottom and full thighs

  • Narrow shoulders and small bust

  • Defined, narrow waist

Tips: Draw attention to your waistline, and avoid clothing that draws attention to hips and thighs.


Dresses: Amelia dress,Nicki dress, Nicole dress, Carly and Jessie(size down)

Bottoms: Leggings, Maxi, and Cassies (with a Perfect T)

Tops: Perfect T, Classic T, Irma, Valentina, Lucille, Sarah, and Shirley


You have a “rectangle” shaped body if you have:

  • Shoulders that are the same size as hips

  • Small bust

  • Undefined waist

  • Straight hips and bottom

  • Not many curves

Tips: Wear clothing that draws attention to waist and upper torso. Avoid clothing that creates the appearance of straight up and down lines.


Dresses: Amelia Dress,Nicole, Nicki dress

Bottoms: Maxi skirt, Cassie skirt, leggings

Tops: Classic T, Perfect T, Irma, Valentina


You have an “hourglass” shaped body if you have:

  • Full bust

  • Round bottom

  • Narrow waist

  • Balanced shoulders and hips

  • Curvy

Tips: Draw attention to the waistline.


Dresses: Julia dress,Nicole, Nicki dress, Size down in the Carly and Jessie Dress

Bottoms: Cassie skirt, Maxi skirt, and leggings

Tops: Irma, Perfect T (sized down), Classic T, Shirley, Valentina, Lucille

Inverted Triangle

You have an “Inverted Triangle” shaped body if you have:

  • Shoulders that are wider than your hips

  • Little to no waist definition

  • Narrow hips

Tips: Wear bold, bright colors for skirts and pants.


Dresses: Nicole, Nicki, Amelia, Carly, and Jessie

Bottoms: Maxi skirt, Leggings,Cassie Skirt

Tops: Perfect T, Classic T,Sarah, Shirley, Valentina, and Lucille

I hope you find this post helpful in figuring out your body type and finding styles in the Brave and Beautiful Boutique that will compliment your unique body shape. I have put together an easy, FREE GUIDE to help you figure out your body shape, and pick out clothing styles that are best for you. Download it HERE!

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions please let me know in the comments. I will try my best to help.

Happy Shopping!!


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