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Embracing 2019

Happy 2019!! How many of you have set resolutions or have given up something for the New Year? This year, instead of giving something up, I decided to add something to my daily routine. I picked four words that describe who I want to be, and I set an alarm on my cell phone to go off at the same time every day to remind me of those words. I labeled the alarm with my four words of the year, so that every time the alarm goes off, I am forced to look at my phone, read my words, and turn off the alarm. This will be a great way to help me focus on my personal growth this year. This practice has already helped me to refocus and to be more intentional throughout the day.

I hope that 2019 will be the year that I am joyful, loving, inspiring, and steadfast.

The four words I chose for 2019 are: joyful, love, steadfast, and inspire. These are the four words that I want to describe my life. I set this reminder daily because I want to leave a legacy that is full of different moments and acts where I have lived out these four words.

I chose the word joyful because I want my life to be full of joy. Joy is something you can have even when life is not exactly going as planned. Joy is also something I hope to share with others.

I chose the word love because above all else, I want to be known as someone who loved well. I want the people that mean so much to me to know and feel that they are loved. When the word love appears on my screen, it will prompt me to evaluate my actions and ask myself if my behavior has been loving. It will remind me that love is an action and prompt me to think of ways I can show love to others.

Next, I chose the word steadfast. When I looked up the word steadfast, I found many synonyms that describe who I want to be. Here are a few: firmly fixed, immovable, and unwavering. I want to be steadfast in my work, in my marriage, and in pursuit of my dreams. Life is going to give us our fair share of hard times, but I want to remain steadfast, strong, and immovable.

The last word I chose was inspire. I want to inspire others. Simply put, my mission and big dream is to transform the way women see themselves. I want to inspire women to be courageous and pursue their dreams and goals and to be more confident in who they are.

I am very big on trying to live my life with purpose, and I believe life is a journey where each step provides an opportunity to grow and become the person you were created to be. I hope that 2019 will be the year that I am joyful, loving, inspiring, and steadfast. I am so excited to see how this new addition to my schedule will help change and shape me into the person I desire to be.

What are your words for 2019? I would love to read them in the comments below.

I want to encourage all of you to join me in this journey.

Download my FREE "Your 2019 Words" template here.

I challenge you to pick your "2019 Words"!To help you get started , sign up here to get your FREE template.

I hope that 2019 will be the year that I am joyful, loving, inspiring, and steadfast.

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