• Gabby Eckert

Guarantee Your Success with These Top Tips for Styling and Speaking in a Zoom World!

Gabby and Jane have a shared vision; we are both passionate about empowering women. Our goal with this session is to share our top tips for success in our new virtual world. With Zoom Rooms as our new office space, we need to relook how we dress, and how we speak to maximize our impact and convey our message effectively.

Jane is a professional public speaking coach who takes everyday speakers and transforms them into confident and engaging communicators. She works with women at every level to develop their speaking skills in order to grow their careers, bring about change, and inspire others.

Gabby Eckert is a Personal stylist and CEO of The Brave and Beautiful Boutique. Her mission is to help women feel more confident so they can achieve their goals and show up powerfully in the world.

Redeem your complimentary services here:

*30 min free coaching session for speaking in our virtual world. Follow the link to schedule a time to talk: http://oneperfectspeech.com/improving-your-public-speaking-skills

*Free Personal Styling Strategy Session. You will leave this call with practical styling tips you can implement right away: https://calendly.com/gabbyeckert/freeconsultation?month=2020-07