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How to Dress for an Hourglass Body Shape

Can I ask YOU a question, friend? Does choosing what to wear for the day sound as torturous as playing a game of Monopoly that never ends? I thought so.

You are not alone!!

For many women choosing an outfit can feel overwhelming! In fact, most women express that they feel like they do not have anything to wear, yet their closet is full.

In the past, I have felt the same way! The main problem I had was that I did not have clothing in my wardrobe that flattered my body shape. Therefore, I was left with a wardrobe that did not help me feel confident or beautiful.

What should you wear if you have an hourglass body shape

This all changed when I began shopping for clothing that complimented my body shape.

I was able to create a wardrobe I felt comfortable in and that helped me feel confident. I want to help you do the same!

I have started a series all about the various body shapes. So far, we have covered the Apple and Pear body shapes. (You can read more about those body shapes on my blog.) I also put together a free guide titled, Dressing for Your Body Shape Guide and Shopping Checklist, that you can DOWNLOAD HERE to help you discover your body shape.

In this post, I want to focus on the Hourglass body shape. I will discuss styling tips specifically for this body shape, and wardrobe staples women with this shape should have in their closet.

Before I dive into describing this body shape, I feel like it is worth noting that YOU are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). We are all made to be beautifully unique. Knowing your body type can make shopping for clothes easier, but there is no body shape that is “better” than the other. I have chosen these terms loosely to describe the hourglass shape in hopes to inform and guide you as you work through this process.

Hourglass Description

  • Full bust and round bottom

  • Balanced shoulders and hips

  • Defined, narrow waist.

How to dress for an hourglass body shape

If you are having trouble figuring out if you have an Hourglass body shape, I recommend Downloading my Free Dressing for your Body Shape Guide. This PDF goes through the various body shapes in more detail. If you are still unsure try standing in front of a mirror in a bathing suit and looking at your body to see if it is similar to the description. You can also use an appropriate measuring tape and measure your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Then compare your measurements to the description above.

Once you have discovered that you have an Hourglass body shape, here are a few styling tips and wardrobe staples for you!

Styling tips

  • Draw attention to the waistline.

  • Add a belt to your outfit.

  • Avoid wearing tops or dresses that are overly baggy or drown your figure.

Wardrobe staples

  • Waist- defined tops and dresses

  • Wrap dresses and shirts

  • Bootcut and straight-leg jeans or pants

  • Belt

  • Fitted tops

No matter your body shape, I can help you put outfits together without the feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed! I would love to continue this conversation further with a FREE Personal Styling Strategy Session. In this virtual call, we will focus on your body shape, goals, and specific needs. I will share styling tips I have learned as well as wardrobe staples to make the stress of figuring out what to wear go away!

Click the link to schedule your session now!

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