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How to Uplevel Your Online Business Strategy

I had the most lovely conversation with Vanessa Choi, about how to uplevel your online business by building a framework and having a strategy! Vanessa has spent more than 16 years developing her marketing experience and knowledge in the corporate world. A few years ago, she turned her passion and skills into coaching female coaches, consultants and course creators. She focuses on building a framework and system for entrepreneurs, helping them to build a solid online presence, and turning prospects into paying clients. She is a co-founder of a full-service marketing agency in Australia. Her clientele ranging from solopreneurs to corporate clients.

In our conversation, Vanessa shared:

  • Advice for new entrepreneurs who want to start their online business.

  • Tips for coaches who are overwhelmed with the technology side of business.

  • The most important elements to succeed in a coaching business.


Watch the video above and let me know your thoughts in the comments.


If you are interested in working with Vanessa further, here are a few options for you:

  • Online business audit (original $289) Vanessa will look at your business inside out, including all of your online presence like your website, social media profiles, your landing page, sales page, sales funnels, etc. Then you will get a 30 mins Zoom call, to go through your business, and then a full report will be sent to you. Now, Vanessa is offering it at 50% discount. (coupon code: Gabby, expired on August 31, 2020)


Connect with Vanessa Here:

FB page:






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