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Are you ready to make accessorizing fun again?

Calling all Jewelry Lovers!!

Do you want new Jewelry every month to jazz up those beautiful outfits, but don’t want to spend the money it takes to have fresh Jewelry options? I have a solution for you!! And it was created with the purpose of making accessorizing fun again while saving you money! No need to break the bank, friend!

Let me introduce you to the Jewelry Membership!!

We have two options available to fit your style! Both have excellent perks! Check them out!

With a Jewelry Membership at The Brave and Beautiful Boutique, you will receive a free piece of Jewelry every month, a free piece on your birthday, a discount on all of your Jewelry purchases, and even more perks! If that wasn't enough, you get to pick the pieces you receive so you will be conveniently receiving Jewelry you love.

Check out what my current Jewelry Members are saying about her membership:

“With all the travel I do for work, I tend to lose jewelry. Some of mine is also so old, it broke! Then came Gab and her boutique! I was able to find unique pieces of varying lengths, colors, and shapes to restock my jewelry collection! I didn't have to worry about picking through boring stuff at stores because I knew every month I could pick something beautiful and unique for myself. Her shipping is also so fast!!! I love that she is always getting new inventory, and I always get compliments on my jewelry from people, even my husband! And with the price point? You can't go wrong!” - Alex

Isn’t that just the nicest?! Thank you Alex for allowing me to serve you through our Jewelry membership.

Just recently, Jennifer Miles said,

“The Brave and Beautiful Boutique’s jewelry membership has given me something to look forward to every month! My favorites are the long chic necklaces that really brighten up my tops, and sometimes they even come with matching earrings! I no longer have to worry about shopping around looking for affordable accessories. My membership gives me a new piece every month, just one click away with no hassle!”

I was so happy to hear her say that because the Jewelry Membership was created for all the reasons she mentioned!

I love helping women feel confident and beautiful while providing them with fashion and accessories they love. I am addicted to the way their faces light up when they find the perfect pieces. I started the Jewelry membership with the desire to make accessorizing fun again while saving money. I wanted my clients to have beautiful pieces they could wear with all their gorgeous outfits and to have a special treat delivered monthly right to their door that would put a smile on their faces.

Run don’t walk, Friends!! Spaces are limited and the OFFER ENDS NOVEMBER 16th. Sign up here!

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