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The Must Have Jacket

Ok friends, who loves to wear denim jackets during this time of year? A good denim jacket is an absolute staple for me. It is the perfect piece for when the weather is chilly and for all those awesome fall activities.

Let me introduce you to my personal favorite: The KENNY by LuLaRoe!! This jacket will knock your socks off! I promise. :)

The Kenny compliments outfits nicely and is an awesome layering piece for your dresses and pretty much everything else. Let’s just say this piece has become my go- to item from my wardrobe this Fall.

I’ve been rocking the Kenny Jacket with my favorite pair of Jeans and Classic tees as well as with my leggings and long sleeved Lynnae tops (Check out the Lynnaes in our SHOP HERE). The Kenny also looks awesome with the Georgia, Amelia, and Carly dresses. (To see these dresses head on over to our VIP Facebook Group)

The Kenny Jacket is available in various denim and twill fabrics. They come in lots of gorgeous washes, shades, and embroidery that will compliment your wardrobe nicely.

The embroidery on these jackets are stunning and are an excellent accent piece.

Yes, that is a cheetahlicious print!!! Animal prints are trending right now as a great neutral. I can see this Kenny jazzing up your favorite pair of jeans or giving your evening outfit a little SASS.

The Lularoe Kenny Jacket by Gabby Eckert

Are you into details as much as I am? I mean look at all the planning and work that went into crafting these beauties. AND yes-- they are rose gold buttons!!!!

Did I mention how comfortable the Kennys are? You aren't going to want to take these jackets off!! I love that it’s not stiff like the other Denim jackets I own.

Best of all when the Hubby says “ I like your jacket, babe!” you can say to him, “Let me hook you up with one also, hunny bunny” (Drew hates when I call him that.) The Kenny is a Unisex jacket so you and your man can be rocking Kennys together!!

As you can see I can not stop saying enough good things about the Kenny. Since I love these jackets so much and because I love sharing my favorite things with my friends I want to offer you a promo code for a discount on these incredible jackets.

Who wants to get their hands on a Kenny Jacket?

Click here to get the Kenny Promo Code!!

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