• Gabby Eckert

KNOW YOUR WORTH! with Susie Procini

Friend, are you struggling with self-care and self-love? Do you feel like it is time to treat yourself with the grace and kindness that you deserve?

Whether you feel like I’m reading your mind or maybe you know someone who feels this way, my dear friend Susie Procini is going to share some practical advice to help women know their worth.

Susie Procini is a women's empowerment coach who works with her clients to help them find their full potential and live that out in their everyday lives.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Susie’s journey as an empowerment coach

  • How she helps women through her work

  • Susie’s methods that are different from other coaches and proven to get you results

And so much more!

This is an interview that every woman should watch!

Friend, I know you’re going to LOVE this conversation with Susie as much as I do because she has a heart of gold and is truly passionate about seeing women step into their purpose with confidence.

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