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Must-have Jewelry Basics

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Does your wardrobe feel a little bland? The best and easiest way to take your outfit from blah to BAM is by adding accessories to your look! Accessorizing is like putting icing on a cake! Just as icing enhances a cake and makes it better, accessories complement your outfit and create a beautiful look!

Accessorizing should be a creative expression of who you are and a fun way to showcase your personal style! AMEN?!

But many women struggle in this area. They are not sure where to begin. They have a vision of a certain look they want, but they are unsure how to create it. They have no idea where to start when it comes to accessories, and they don’t want to look foolish.

Maybe this is you. Or maybe you are just curious about what pieces of jewelry you should have in your jewelry box.

Don't worry, girlfriend, I got you covered! In this blog post, I'm going to go over all the must-have jewelry basics women should have in their jewelry boxes to enhance their wardrobes and looks! There are a few jewelry basics I think every woman should have in her collection to help enhance her outfits and compliment her wardrobe. Sometimes our wardrobe basics and staples can feel a little bland. When that happens, we can use jewelry to jazz them up and create different looks that really express our personal styles.

But before we dive into our must-have pieces, I want to share a couple things to keep in mind:

  1. Many women ask, “Should I wear gold or silver?” Short answer: Wear both! There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this question. You can even mix and match these metals nicely for a beautiful look. There are also jewelry pieces that take the guesswork out of it and mix the metals for you.

  2. Accessories should be the last thing you put on when you are getting ready. You want your jewelry to enhance your outfit. I find it so much easier to accessorize after I have picked out my outfit. Then I add the pieces of jewelry I would like to wear to enhance my outfit. The same holds true for when I am shopping for accessories. I will purchase accessories based on the outfits I currently have in my closet.

Now on to the must-have jewelry pieces! I believe there are eight must-have jewelry basics in every woman’s collection. Here they are:

1. Short Necklaces

  • Short necklaces are very versatile and look wonderful with various shirt necklines.

  • I prefer short necklaces to fall right at the collar bone.

  • You can pick pieces that are dainty or pieces that give your outfit a pop of color.

  • I love the look of natural stones with thinner chains.

2. Long Necklaces

  • Long necklaces are my all-time favorite pieces to wear and use to upgrade my outfits. You will find a ton available in my boutique, because I have a bit of an obsession with them! LOL

  • Long necklaces really help elongate the neck and torso, creating a very flattering look.

  • Preferably, long necklaces should fall under your bust line. There are no hard rules as to how much longer they should be from there. That is totally up to your preference and style.

  • A great long necklace to have is a pendant necklace that shows off your personal style.

3. Bracelets

  • Stack them, or wear just one. But most of all, have fun with bracelets and make the look your own.

  • My favorite type of bracelet is the bangle bracelet. I love how bangles look stacked, and I love that they are easy to take off and put on. I am also a big fan of cuff bracelets for the same reason.

  • Adding bracelets to your look is an easy way to accessorize, because you do not need to worry about them interfering with your shirt's neckline or clashing with the prints and patterns of your tops.

4. Medium-sized Earrings

  • You don't want earrings that are too big or painful to wear. You want them to be about an inch to an inch and a half in size.

  • As always, have fun with color and metals. You can really add a pop to your outfit with medium-sized earrings without the earache.

5. Stud Earrings

  • Stud earrings are so versatile and pair well with other accessories.

  • A rule of thumb is to make sure that your earrings are noticeable. I love small studs, but sometimes with our hair styles, it is very hard to see them. And after all, isn't that the reason to wear them in the first place?

  • Your studs do not have to be the traditional diamond or pearl studs if that is not your personal style. You can totally go with something that will complement your personal style and that is out of the box.

6. Statement Earrings

  • These earrings are great to have in your collection, because they provide a great way to spruce up an outfit without having to worry about the piece conflicting with the shirt's neckline.

  • Wearing statement earrings is also a great way to accessorize if you are wearing a bold-patterned or printed top. Sometimes necklaces can make your outfit look too busy or distract from the top you are wearing. But with statement earrings, you can really have fun and incorporate some great color to your look.

7. Statement Necklaces

  • Statement necklaces are a fantastic way to add interest to your wardrobe basics. For example, pair a statement necklace with a simple black dress or white top to create an amazing new look. You can also use them to enhance your basic t-shirts and create a totally different feel.

  • Statement necklaces are a great way to showcase your personal style. They should make you feel good and confident when you wear them.

  • If you are just starting out with statement necklaces and are a bit intimidated, try wearing these pieces with simple outfits first.

8. Rings

  • In my opinion, go for the best quality you can afford. You don't want something that will turn your finger green or something that can damage easily.

  • Make these pieces meaningful. For me, I wear my wedding rings, and I rotate between three rings that are very special to me. We look at our hands a lot throughout the day, and it is wonderful to be reminded of those we love, special memories, loved ones who passed, or family heirlooms while we go about our day.

Jewelry can add the desired pop or pizzazz you are looking for to take your wardrobe from boring to brilliant! Remember, accessorizing should be fun and creative. It should express who you are, showcase your personal style, and make you feel beautiful and confident.

Right now, I am offering a great opportunity at the Brave and Beautiful Boutique for you to express your personal style and get your hands on beautiful jewelry pieces that will not break the bank. Slots are now open for our Jewelry Membership!

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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