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How to Dress for A Rectangle Body Shape

Have you watched the rom-com movie 27 Dresses? If you are a rom-com fan, it is such a cute movie to watch, especially if you are looking for a fun movie to make you laugh during this quarantine.

In one of the scenes, the main actress, Katherine Heigl, is going through her closet and trying on all the different bridesmaids dresses she was forced to wear to her friends' weddings. The scene shows her going through each dress one by one. It's a really cute scene in the movie, but how many of us have our own not-so-cute version of this scene every time we need to get ready? We try on outfit after outfit from our packed closets, trying to find something suitable to wear that we feel confident and beautiful in.

We end up wasting so much time getting ready that we feel rushed and often end up arriving late to events. We make a huge mess with piles of clothes we have tried on that we will have to clean up when we return. Most of the time, these outfit modeling sessions don't end as cute as the scene in 27 Dresses, and sadly, we end up saying terrible things about ourselves and our bodies because we feel so discouraged and overwhelmed trying to find something to wear.

How to dress for a rectangle body shape

As we make our way through our closet searching for the right outfit, we notice that many pieces in our wardrobe still have tags on them. We think to ourselves, What were we thinking when we purchased all these clothes?

This destructive cycle is discouraging, time-consuming, draining, and a waste of money.

I want to help you get out of this cycle.

Now imagine if we were able to go into our organized closets and pull out an outfit that had already been planned for such an occasion. What if we had a wardrobe full of staple pieces catered to our body shapes and personal styles? It would take us a grand total of two minutes to pick an outfit, and we could relax knowing the outfit we picked compliments our figure and makes us feel beautiful and confident.

I am a firm believer that learning your body shape and how to dress in a way that compliments your figure is revolutionary for your confidence level. Not only will you understand how to style your body, but you will look and feel better as a result! And that is what I want for you!

In hopes to serve you better, I have started a series all about the various body shapes. So far, we have covered the apple, pear, and hourglass body shapes. You can watch the replays of these episodes on my YouTube channel (Here). I also put together a free guide (Dressing for Your Body Shape) that you can download here to help you discover your body shape.

How to style an rectangle body shape

In this post, we will be focusing on the rectangle body shape. I will help you identify if you have a rectangle body shape, discuss wardrobe staples, and share styling tips.

But before I dive into describing this body shape, it is worth noting that YOU are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). We are all made to be beautifully unique. Knowing your body type can make shopping for clothes easier, but there is no body shape that is better than another. I have chosen these terms loosely to describe the rectangle shape in hopes to inform and guide you as you work through this process.

With that in mind, here is the loose description of the rectangle body shape:

  • Shoulders are the same size as hips.

  • Small bust and undefined waist

  • Straight hips and bottom

  • Not many curves

If you are having trouble figuring out if you have a rectangle body shape, download my free PDF guide, Dressing for Your Body Shape. This PDF goes through the various body shapes in more detail. If you are still unsure, I recommend standing in front of a mirror in a bathing suit and looking at your body to see if it is similar to the description. You can also use an appropriate measuring tape and measure your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Then compare your measurements to the description above.

Once you have discovered that you have a rectangle body shape, here are a few styling tips and wardrobe staples for you!

What should you wear if you have a rectangle shape

Styling Tips:

  • Wear clothing that draws attention to the waist and upper torso.

  • Avoid clothing that creates the appearance of straight up-and-down lines.

  • Avoid wearing crop tops or boxy tops.

Wardrobe Staples:

  • Wear hip-length jackets or blazers that gently shape the waist.

  • Pencil and a-line skirts

  • Mid- or high-rise skinny jeans

  • Add belts to outfits to define your waist.

  • Flowy tops and layering pieces to give you more volume

  • Empire-style dresses

No matter your body shape, I can help you put outfits together for important events without the 27 Dresses outfit scene gone wrong every time you need to get ready! I can help remove the stress, and confusion that come with picking out a flattering outfit while saving you money and time! I want to help you feel more confident, beautiful, and happy so you can achieve your goals and chase your dreams!

I would love to continue this conversation further with a FREE Personal Styling Strategy Session where we will focus on your body shape, goals, and specific needs. Spaces are limited, so click the link to book now!

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