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Seasonal Closet Detox

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Fall is upon us, friends! Is your closet ready for the fall and winter seasons?

If you are in NJ, it is time to ditch the bathing suits and shorts for cozy sweaters and your favorite pair of jeans. For some, this is sad news and for others, they are excited about fall and all things Pumpkin Spice. Whichever side of the fence you are on, I want to help get your closet Fall and Winter ready by sharing the Seasonal Closet Detox process with you!

If you have been around here for a while you know that I recommend doing one big Closet Detox a year and two smaller Closet Detoxes twice a year before Fall and Spring. I refer to these smaller Detoxes as “Seasonal Closet Detoxes”. In this post, we will focus on a Seasonal Closet Detox for the Fall and Winter seasons.

Every wardrobe needs updates throughout the year primarily at the beginning of every season. A Seasonal Closet Detox is a great way to prepare for the upcoming season because it is important to make sure that your wardrobe is up to date and will serve you well for the next few months. A Seasonal Closet Detox will make sure you have exactly what you need for your wardrobe to match your lifestyle, climate, and any special events you will have in that season.

For this specific Seasonal Closet Detox you will want to check:

  • Your stock of jackets, scarves, gloves, winter coats, warm sweaters and boots to make sure that they are in good condition for the seasons ahead and that they fit with your personal style.

  • Your wardrobe basics for this season. Make sure they are in good condition for the upcoming season. (To learn more about wardrobe basics visit this blog post)

If you are missing or need to replace any of the items above you will want to add them to a shopping list.

Cleaning out your closet for fall and winter clothes

The Steps for a Seasonal Closet Detox are:

Step 1: Store pieces that you will not wear in that season. It is a good idea to store away the pieces that you will not be wearing in the fall and winter so that it frees up space in your closet and removes the overwhelm of too many options. This will allow you to have a more organized closet and will help you to get ready quicker. I like to move my summer and spring clothes to a spare closet or store them safely in a Tupperware bin.

Step 2: Bring Back your favorite pieces! If you have previously stored your fall/ winter wardrobe it is time to take those clothes out of storage.

Step 3: Create a seasonal Personal Style Vision Board. I love finding new inspiration for the season as well as outfit ideas and compiling them onto a vision board. I then use that vision board to see what colors, silhouette, pieces, vibes that I am drawn to for that season. I make a list of the items that I would need to have in my wardrobe to make that vision a reality.

Step 4: Consider your lifestyle! Think about how you spend your time. Take note of what events or activities you will be participating in for that season. Maybe for the fall and winter seasons, you will have family gatherings, school events, vacations, holiday parties,etc. Make sure that you have outfits that you feel good in for those occasions. If you do not, make a note of it and look through your vision board for inspiration on what you will want to wear to these events.

Step 5: It’s time to Detox your Closet! Go through your closet make sure the pieces are in good condition for the season and that they fit and flatter your body shape. Donate pieces that no longer fit you or do not match your personal style. Use your vision board as a guide for this.

  • Is it in good condition? Unless you want to repair the item, let go of all the pieces that are damaged, torn, stained, etc.

  • When was the last time you wore this?

  • Does it fit?

  • Does it make sense in your life? Think about how you spend your time and what you will actually enjoy wearing most.

  • Do these pieces fit with your line of work, hobbies, home life, lifestyle, etc?

  • Do you feel good in it? You want the items in your closet to make you feel beautiful and confident.

  • Does it project the feeling and image that you want to convey?

Closet detox getting your wardrobe ready for the upcoming season

Step 6: Create a shopping list! Make a list of all the items you need to replace or add to your wardrobe in order of importance.

Step 7: Go Shopping! This is my favorite part of the process you get to add pieces into your wardrobe that make you feel confident and reflect your personal style. Make sure to use your Shopping List and remember to not purchase anything that does not make you feel beautiful and confident no matter the discount!!

Step 8: Have Fun! You get to create the feeling and look you want for each season! This should be a fun process.

If you would like me to help you with your Seasonal Closet Detox as we move into a new season, sign up for a FREE Personal Styling Strategy Session to learn more!

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