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Styling Tips for How to Make a Good First Impression

Did you know that in the first 30 seconds people will have already made a decision about you without you even opening your mouth?

Maybe you are wondering, How do I make a good first impression on an interview? How about at a networking event, or when I am pitching my business/product?

The reality is that in just 30 seconds people have already made their assumptions about your trustworthiness, intelligence, and your level of success solely based on your appearance (how you dress and carry yourself).

Seems a little unfair, doesn't it?

Don’t worry. I am here to help!

In this video, I discuss styling tips you can implement right away that will help you make a good first impression for your in-person and virtual interviews, networking events, and much more.

Title of Video: Styling Tips for How to Make a Good First Impression

01:35 - The importance of a good first impression

6:44 - First step: Do your research!

8:14 - Interview outfit ideas

12:00 - Free LookBook with more outfit inspiration

12:31 - A few do’s and don’ts for Interview attire

20:01 - Shoes and Accessories

21:20 - Proper setup for an online interview

23:52 - A Few do’s and don'ts for an online interview

26:40 - Networking tips

31:21 - Networking outfit inspiration

33:12 - Most powerful tips

35:59 - Free Personal styling Strategy Session offer

Personal styling strategy session with Gabby Eckert

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