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The Brave and Beautiful Boutique is Two Years Old!

What dreams are you ready to achieve? I know it may sound crazy, but I have been living out my dreams for 2 years now and it feels unbelievable!! 2 years ago I made a huge leap of faith and started my own boutique! I was scared to death as I filed my LLC paperwork and decided on a name. The Brave and Beautiful Boutique was finally born!!

One of the major reasons I decided to name the boutique, “The Brave and Beautiful Boutique” was because I wanted women to feel beautiful inside and out! I wanted them to have the confidence to be brave as they go after their own dreams. And as most of us know a good outfit can do wonders for our confidence. I always believed that comfort and style should never EVER be an either/or option when it comes to a woman’s wardrobe that’s why I choose to stock my racks with LuLaRoe clothing. As I feel they accomplish this goal well.

As a kid, nothing could tear me away from playing dress up with my Barbie Dolls. I would play for hours dressing her up in the most beautiful outfits. I would have my own runway set up with music, glitter, and many costume changes. These days, I get to play “dress up” with the most amazing ladies ever in my Boutique!!! Isn't that funny how life works!?

I can’t believe that I have had the privilege for 2 years to serve women through fashion! I am so THANKFUL for the freedom and joy that comes from owning a Boutique and that I have met the most amazing people along this journey! Thank you for playing a huge role in my pursuit of this dream.

I would be honored to have you celebrate my 2 year anniversary with me!⠀

Join our celebration virtually today, Aug. 22nd, on Facebook Live!

RSVP here:

Or in person at our Open Shop hours on Friday, Aug. 23rd from 4:30-6:00 pm and Sat. Aug 24th from 10:00- 12:00 pm.

Rsvp here:

What are your big dreams and goals?⠀

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