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Vintage Spoons to Vintage Treasures

I'm sure you have heard it said that, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" I completely agree.

Take these simple vintage spoons for example, some people may see these utensils as a bunch of old spoons. They see them as objects only used for eating. Some would say they are "junk" and useless. But then there are others who see these spoons in a completely different light. They see an entirely different job for these vintage utensils. They see so much potential and art. They can dream up a new creation from them. Perhaps these spoons were once used to eat Christmas dinner or a Sunday Brunch. But the creative individual does not see these as useless items, but instead sees a new purpose for them.

My friend, Tricia, has this artistic eye. She transforms vintage spoons just like these into beautiful pieces of art that you can wear everyday! At the Brave and Beautiful Boutique, we have unique handmade spoon rings and spoon necklaces. From what started out as old spoons have now been worked and transformed into beautiful vintage pieces you can wear as accent pieces to your favorite outfits.

The handles of the spoons are used to create one of a kind spoon rings. The bowl part of the spoon is used to make the spoon necklaces. The spoon necklaces have added details and charms to make them personal and special.

Visit our online shop at and explore our "Vintage Line" to see these handmade treasures.

I also have a special discount code available just for you!


Which Vintage Piece is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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