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When should you buy a fashion trend?

Hello friend,

Today, I want to share some advice on Fashion Trends! I have to admit that I am constantly asked about this specific topic so I thought I would share some of the ways I help my clients decipher if a fashion trend is right for them.

The reality is that fashion trends come and go OFTEN! Trends can be lots of fun but they can also hurt your wallet and cause major regret.

Rest at ease, here is some guidance.

Before purchasing a trend, I suggest that it meets the following criteria:

1. It must reflect your personality and/or brand. It needs to feel like you and represent both you and your brand image well.

2. The trend must flatter your body type and work with your color palette.

3. You need to feel amazing and powerful in the item. Who cares if you are seeing this trend everywhere if you don't feel good in it, skip it!

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it needs to fit your budget and by this I mean you must have your wardrobe basics first! This is some of the most financially wise advice I can give when it comes to deciding if you should purchase a trend. Your Wardrobe Basics are the building blocks of your wardrobe. You will struggle to create outfits when you don't have them. I see it all the time. You have a full closet of clothes (mainly trends and mix-matched pieces) and say you have nothing to wear. Most of the time it is because you don't have these building blocks to set you up for success.

If you are not sure what Wardrobe Basics you should have in your closet, I have put together a free checklist to help you! <<CLICK HERE>>

I will leave you with a truth you need to remember about trends. Despite what celebrities are wearing or what the fashion world is telling you. Remember, Fashion trends ALWAYS audition for YOU!

OK, friend, Please share. What fashion trends have passed this test for you or what trends do you currently have your eye on?

With Lots of Love,




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