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Why are People Scared to Wear Color? Tea & Style with Christine Wright

During this episode of Tea & Style meet our amazing guest Christine Wright. Christine began bead weaving more than 35 years ago when she was a young teen. She is a business owner and a Master Artisan with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen.

In this episode, Christine and Gabby discuss:

-the fear of making mistakes.

- how failure is your friend and best teacher.

-Why people are afraid to wear color.

-Practical tips for wearing color.


We would love to have you join us for tea!

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About Christine

My name is Christine Wright and I began beadweaving more than 35 years ago when I was a young teen. I am currently a Master Artisan with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen.

Beadweaving is a process where individual beads are sewn together with needle and thread. Foundational to my designs are very small and simple seed beads, from there I will incorporate crystals, gemstone beads and occasionally bugle beads. Even when limiting myself to the types of beads I incorporate, I have a nearly infinite range of possibilities for shapes, textures and color combinations.

When I create a piece, I start with a shape, color scheme, focal bead or general concept and then expand on the design from there. Oftentimes, I will also incorporate techniques and concepts that I have learned from other mediums – from pixel art to pointillism – to take my jewelry into sometimes unexpected directions.

I believe that jewelry should go well beyond “special occasions,” which is one of the reasons why I love beadwork. My designs range broadly from “fun to formal,” but even the formal pieces can be worn anywhere and with nearly anything. A beaded scarf looks great with a little black dress as well as a pair of jeans. I want my jewelry to be worn because it makes a person feel good – regardless of the occasion.

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About Gabby

Gabby Eckert is a certified Personal Stylist, Image Consultant, Color Analyst, and CEO of the Brave and Beautiful Boutique. Her mission is to help women feel beautiful and confident so they can achieve their goals and show up powerfully in the world. She works with women all over the USA and internationally to embrace their bodies, discover their power colors, grow in confidence, create an authentic style and brand all while creating a wardrobe they love.


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