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Winter Fashion Trends of 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Are you finding it hard to look stylish and professional while feeling comfortable as you navigate all the changes in 2020?

Due to Covid-19, many have had to work from home, suddenly become comfortable in front of a camera, attend a million Zoom Meetings, and figure out how to homeschool their children. Through all these changes we want to feel confident and comfortable in our clothing while still looking stylish and professional.

I wanted to share with you my recent conversation with Keshia Butler-Thomas about my favorite winter fashion trends and outfit ideas for this season. Keshia is a Master Certified Life and Business Coach assisting women in achieving their personal and professional goals through proven growth methods. She is also an amazing friend with a beautiful heart for serving others. To say I was excited to be a guest on her tv show, Stop Surviving, Start Thriving to talk about this topic is a complete understatement! We had a blast and I know you will enjoy this show as well.

In this show we discuss:

  • My favorite winter fashion trends

  • Covid-19 friendly outfits

  • Work from home and Zoom outfits

  • Outfit inspiration for content creators

And much more!

Friend, I know you’re going to LOVE this conversation with Keshia because how you dress impacts how you feel and ultimately how you perform and navigate through this season. Click play >>HERE<< to get inspired by the winter fashion trends and outfit ideas that will take your style to the next level this season.


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