Lena Kay

Business and Life Coach

“I want to express my gratitude for Gabby’s invaluable insights, support, and kindness.  Gabby helped me realize how personal style – colors, clothing, accessories may impact my business success. I learned that  “By paying close attention to the way you appear in front of the clients, you provide extra assurance that you will take proper care of your client’s needs. Whereas, ignorance of the way you show-up, may stir extra doubts and worries in your client’s head, namely you being negligent towards her order”. 

I was impressed by Gabby’s communication skills. Before giving any advice, Gabby eagerly asked about styling preferences, my brand, personality, and tone of voice. She really listened to what I said.

Another amazing thing was that by asking specific questions, Gabby helped me learn so much about my brand. It was like, ‘oh, I haven’t thought of this in that way.’

However, the most valuable thing from our call, was Gabby’s eye-opening piece of advice that personal styling starts with taking proper care of your health and sanity first. Thanks to this, I have finally decided to address some health issues, I have been postponing on for months.

Overall, it was a pleasure interacting with Gabby, and I wholeheartedly recommend her support if you need help with personal styling.”


Irina Iurcisin


I am so THANKFUL that I got even more than I bargained for! Gab met me over several sessions, and this wonderful woman was able to help me figure out my own personal style. Pinterest definitely helped (she had me make a board as homework), and she was able to pick up on style things that I was picking that I didn't notice! Such as the fact that I actually had models wearing lots of yellow, when I've always said I don't like yellow. She challenged me to get some closet staples (literally had not white tops or black bottoms for the office!) and even pushed me out of my comfort zone (she shopped for some yellow items for me, and they are on my shopping list to get in coming months!). Gab was able to help me figure out my style. How to be fun yet professional for my new job at the Campus Crusade HQ. And with a personal shopping list and pinterest board as a template, I was able to even branch out a little bit to try finding my own white tops or skirts. This was seriously so fun! I lightened my closet and have more things to wear for work and play. I highly suggest you do this! You will save money in the long run. Plus she helped me find pieces I feel confident in, which will make me work even better!


Alex Aponte

Gabby is the best! She's gone above and beyond to be a helpful stylist to me! I never thought I'd work with a stylist, but as soon as we connected I knew I'd found the one person who would change that. Gabby is so easy to schedule with, work with, and is always available whenever I need her!


Brittany Herzberg

Owner and Massage Therapist at B Here

Comphy. Cute. Caring. Those are the reasons I love shopping Gab’s boutique! Not only are the clothes super comfortable and stylish, but Gab truly cares about her clients and wants them to feel confident and beautiful. I also enjoy watching Gab’s inspirational videos: her vulnerability and life lessons have inspired me to likewise release myself from the slavery of people-pleasing and to walk confidently in pursuit of my calling.


Jennifer Miles

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